How to clean Hands | Coronavirus Advice

Nowadays The Coronavirus has infected 4,200 people in the United States and killed 74 people.  How the world’s streets are emptying because of the Coronavirus

Today’s article is about how to wash your hand and when to wash your hand during Coronavirus

This small movement will protect yourself and others from getting sick.

It seems like it’s common sense but sometimes it’s easy to forget clean hands help prevent illness.

knowing the proper way to wash your hands is key in stopping the spread of germs both in and out of,  the healthcare setting

so the number one thing that we like to focus on for infection control is hand hygiene and hand hygiene.


How to clean Hands | Coronavirus Advice

How to wash your hand correctly |  Coronavirus Advice ?

  1. Whack your hands with water apply soap
  2. rub your hand’s palm to palm and wash the backs of both hands and in between your fingers then palm to palm with fingers interlocked clasp your hands together, then clean around the thumbs to rub your fingertips in the palms of your hands and finish off with the wrists rinse your hands.
  3. Really well with water and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel use the towel to turn off the tap your hands are now clean


Washing your hands which spans the hospital it spans your home, it spans the community you know it’s their number one way  to decrease infection here at the

hospital and at home in alcohol-based hand hygiene gel whether you use a hand sanitizer or  soap and water, Washing for 15 seconds is crucial it’s based on data

and it’s really pretty simple but it takes  the time I think  we don’t realize how long 15 seconds really is when you’re washing your hands not  only with a gel but with

soap and water,  so you know to sing a song find your favorite song that takes  15 seconds and make it your thing when you wash your hands  to demonstrate how

important properly washing your hands.

Bacteria which reveals the spots missed while washing it’s always gonna be the dry spots on your hands-on your cuticles the palms and just about everybody forgets

the back of their thumb, so remember  if you’re using a hand hygiene gel let it dry for  15 seconds if you’re using soap and water scrub for  15seconds be sure to use a

paper towel to turn off the water and avoid touching the garbage can or a  door handle if possible.


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