8 Eco Hacks & DIYs to Start a sustainable living

This first hack has been a real money saver for me.

I bought these foam soap dispensers this is just soap mixed with water and they charge so much for it. I can do this myself. I buy bulk body or hand soap, mix one-part soap to five parts water and it lasts me forever. It works just as well as concentrated soap, the best advantage it’s already lathered for you.

Buying natural liquid soap and using fewer quantity chemicals is just a small way to reduce consumption and waste. I do the same thing with my detergent.

Reusable straws are very popular now and my favorites are the stainless-steel kind. It doesn’t affect the taste of anything I drink, including water and I even have these bubble tea sized straws for my extreme tapioca consumption. On my trip, the beaches were completely littered with straws. Small plastics on the beach wash into the ocean and injure animals.

I know lots of people love straws. They drink everything through straws.

But recycling facilities have a hard time catching small plastics through their filters and too much of it ends up in a landfill.

Reusable caps are also a must-have. Majority of drink cups are not recyclable because it’s lined with plastic although most cups advertise they made from recycled material. Most of plastics cups will still end up in a landfill.

I started picking up habits by sorting my waste. Wax-coated clothes have become my better alternative to foil and saran wrap. It actually works better at clinging and preserving than plastic wrap.

Another smart deal. Are you thought to buy fertilizer to your yard ?My friend taught me you can compost it !Not just compost though as I used to keep it under my sink and it still gets smelly and I don’t have counter space for a table composter? Table composter is also very pricey. The most important factor that you need to freeze your compost. I use a little bin especially in the summer this completely eradicate our fruit fly and smell issue.

Made reusable cotton rounds out of an old tee that I throw in the wash to use, and I made a reusable grocery bag that doubles as a cute tote. Dryer sheets are single-use items that quickly fill up garbages. You can reuse them in a variety of ways, but for fluffy clothes, an alternative is dryer balls.

Nowadays ,more and more people are used to using disposable products. The key is to think about single-use throw away products and finding alternatives for them.

It’s really not any less convenient to have a washable version of disposable products. In order to create the eco-friendly home as well, we rarely turn on the heat or a/c. You can call us cheap because we are, but this doubles as emission saving for the environment.

There are duvets for every type of climate and sleeper. We’ll throw a fleece blanket underneath for colder weather and have a cooling comforter for the summer, made of breathable material like wool, cotton or even some that mesh down alternatives that wick moisture. I went to that drapery section at the thrift store and picked up some white mesh curtains.

I know especially as makeup and fashion it’s very difficult to be sustainable and I think that there’s a great move right now on moving towards that. I’m not perfect but I know I’m doing my best in minimizing my footprint and doing what I can even outside of just fashion in terms of home and food in minimizing my own waste and making that footprint smaller.

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