How to be more environmentally friendly in our daily life in 2019 ?

Nowadays ,our  environment is in very critical situation. Every day we create a bulk of rubbish.

Why don’t people just stop buying “earth killing” things and begin to use these Eco-friendly products that are better for the Earth?

How to be more environmentally friendly in our daily life?  Here are my eco-friendly tips. Hope to give you a favor.

Reusable straws 

Usually, we have a box of disposable straws in our drawer right now in my kitchen but I’ve decided to try reusable straws.

We know that disposable Plastic straws pollute our Earth. When I first grab these stainless straws. These stainless steel drinking straws make a nice noise like wind chimes you know.

So it came with four slightly bent straws and 4 straight straws yes these ones are probably for like pictures or cuter in pictures and it also came with two brush for cleaning


Have you ever think about how to clean reusable straws?

Straws brush can get inside of your stainless steel drinking straws or other kind material reusable straws. These Straws brush also work in the bendy straws.

But another important problem. Adult supervision required if used by children under 12 it’s a straw sucking up your nose that gonna be bad I guess there is a weapon.

Eco-friendly toothbrush 

Bamboo toothbrush 

We’ve never thought about toothbrushes and the fact that most of our toothbrush is made with disposable Plastic and we’re supposed to like which remember once a while before I started

dating Eco-friendly toothbrush.

I switched my toothbrush like I replaced my toothbrush maybe like every three years.

So every three months you use a new toothbrush. The eco-friendly toothbrush is BPA-free biodegradable bamboo.

The bamboo toothbrush handles made from recycled material.

It says one on it they really want you to know how many times you’re supposed to shave this.

The manufacturer of the toothbrush tried so hard to like add grooves to it to be like this toothbrush we use aren’t a boring cheap toothbrush.

Maybe when you first touch the bamboo toothbrush, you feel like a giant toothpick.

But it’s good for the environment so unless you’re a toothbrush snob.

I will get over in about two days it definitely has a different feel to it than my normal toothbrush but that’s switching any toothbrushes I think so I’ll keep using it if some terrible happens I’ll let you guys know.

High recommend everyone begin to use Eco-friendly toothbrush.

Eco-friendly bags 

Start using the next one I mean it’s not the best but it’s for the world best product. So in LA and a lot of Southern California you have to buy a bag to the grocery store like the paper bag in the

plastic bags that cost 10 cents you can buy a reusable bag for like a dollar.  

I’ve never done it I always buy the paper bags and then reuse them until they shred and fall apart or I use them to pick up my dog’s poop for some reason I’ve never bought the cloth reusable

ones I don’t know why I’ve never done it and it’s not like the paper ones are more convenient because they’re big they’re clunky . So I bought these reusable bags  but apparently can fold down

really tiny and just fit in your purse so earlier today I went to the store to test these out oh but wait not only did I get reusable grocery bags I also got reusable produce bags now this one was a

big one for me because we buy a lot of fruit and vegetables a lot but we’ve used a lot of those plastic bags .

I never realized it and I was hesitant to buy these because  I’m like this is awkward this is how I feel like that’s just awkward to go into the store and just pull out your own produce bag like I

don’t see people doing that I do see people buying the product and not putting it in bags at all and just like it’s just off that’s gross to me so I need a bag so I bought these and then I went to the

store with both the grocery bags and the produce bags.

I’m outside the store I have my shopping bags and my produce bags in my purse they fit in there which is a plus and now we’re gonna go shop and I’m gonna feel awkward even though no

one’s gonna care but I’m still gonna think that everyone’s looking at me no one’s gonna be looking at me .

so it wasn’t that this is the pure fight you premium reusable mesh bags you can wash them in the washing machine and then tumble dry and low you can use them for multiple things not just

produce there’s a bunch of them and they’re all different sizes and they tell you how much they weigh on the side of them .

so like if you’re like worried about it being heavier than a plastic bag.

you feel awkward at first but you shouldn’t because you’re doing something great for the environment and your life I mean why do we feel awkward about that it’s just it goes it’s not the social

norm yet but that’s okay I will say all of it together it’s kind of bulky you’d have to like bring a backpack I have like a big purse I mean if you only if you know .

you’re only getting like two different  kind fruits are you prepared to fruit or something you just bring the appropriate amount of bag or just throw this in your car and take what you need but

I understand the inconvenience and awkwardness of it.

but I feel like I should just suck it up and get over that so I’m gonna okay now the reusable shopping bags getting hot. it’s more normal to bring a bag so it wasn’t that big a deal.

This is my eco-friendly tips in our daily life. Hope more and more people will join us.

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