[vc_row][vc_column][vc_wp_text]Hi My name is Lily .

I  am a primary Artist teacher . Every day , I get along with my students . One day ,when we have a theme of “ENVIRONMENT”, I was shock by my students ,they proposed many example about ”Environment Poblems“ ,like our Earth is becoming warm and warm , more and more firends and sensitive to lots of  food .Plastic is damaged our Ocean .

Not only my students but also I am experienced first-hand our horrible problems of  plastic polluton

As their teacher I become slient .I asked them a problem ,how to solove this problem . They give me following answers :Use reusable products instead disposable ,don’t use disposal lunch box . Using eco shopping bags ……

So many ideals , I can’t remenber .Thats Why I want to find some eco firendly items that can do to reduce the amount of waste  .I want to call on more and more friends using reusable products .

I read lots of books known that Bamboo is a good natural resources .Bamboo grows so fast (Without any chemicals ). It’s amazing . So I pick lots of  bamboo produts .

In our daily life ,we are used to using lots of plastic items . I noticed my students bring  firut stortaged in disposable fresh-kept bags.  I am thinking ,this is a small pack but really damaged our environment .One day for one disposable packages ,one year how many disposable packages will be dropped .

So I set up the store ,we want to make it easy for you to pick up more eco-firendly & reusable products & zero waste items where you are .